Appraisals – the right value of your current or future home in Eindhoven 

Van Boxtel Beheer also has in-house licensed appraisers.  

We provide independent appraisals for the purchase or sale of your home, for your mortgage application, in the event of a divorce, or for your tax return.  

As licensed appraisers, we know the requirements your appraisal report needs to meet, whatever the purpose. Whether you’re a local or an expat, we’ll help you navigate all the Dutch rules and regulations concerning appraisals.  

The advantage of a real estate agent that also does appraisals 

A real estate agent negotiates on behalf of their client: the buyer or seller of a house. They’re not neutral. On the other hand, a licensed appraiser is an impartial professional who offers a neutral, expert valuation.  

As an official appraiser, Van Boxtel Beheer is registered with the NRVT, the Dutch register of licensed appraisers. A guarantee for professionalism!  

We are licensed to appraise properties in a 20-kilometre (12-mile) radius of our office, i.e. Eindhoven and its immediate surroundings. This means we can guarantee a realistic, market-based price appraisal. It’s one of the perks of choosing Van Boxtel Beheer when buying or selling a house in Eindhoven, the innovative heart of the Netherlands.  

Want to know more?  

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