Decide wisely, with help from Van Boxtel Beheer 

Buying a house is not something you do every day. Especially as an expat or non-resident in another country. You can make better purchasing decisions by asking the right questions, such as:  

  • What is a realistic/fair price and what are the additional costs? 
  • What is the technical state of the house, is any maintenance necessary? 
  • Does it need a technical inspection? Or is an appraisal enough? 

Van Boxtel Beheer helps you answer these questions, assisting you throughout the buying process. With decades of experience in the Eindhoven housing market, we’re the perfect partner for expats or local residents, helping you navigate Dutch rules and regulations. We’ll also help you achieve the best negotiation results possible.  

Better safe than sorry 

Once you’ve made a deal, we’ll run through the sales contract to see whether it contains all the agreements made, and check for any unwanted clauses. For example, conditions that might cause problems at a later stage.  

Find your dream home in Eindhoven, with Van Boxtel Beheer 

Van Boxtel Beheer has been helping private individuals to buy and sell their houses in Eindhoven and its surroundings since 1980. We offer a full range of services, from the search for the right property, to completion at the civil-law notary. Our office has had plenty of experience assisting expats and other international homeowners, and our employees are always comfortable speaking English.  

We’re a real estate agency that fully appreciates the value and needs of clients from all kinds of cultural and religious backgrounds. Additionally, we’re happy to assist you with other individual services, such as helping you find a new home, price negotiations, and appraisals, among other things. 

Do I need a buyer’s agent?  

You’ve probably heard it before: “Why hire a buyer’s agent? It just another expense.” The truth is so very different. A buyer’s agent offers you independent advice and many advantages.  

Already fallen in love with that beautiful house? Then you can trust your buyer’s agent to offer a much-needed objective view on the house; a perfect counterweight to rose-tinted glasses. Our buyer’s agents have deeply rooted, professional knowledge of the Eindhoven housing market, including the expertise of our licensed appraisers. We’re here to protect you from any disappointments further down the line.  

The advantages of Van Boxtel Beheer’s purchasing advice: 

– A sober, professional look at the property 

– Professional price negotiations 

– Competitive appraisal and civil-law notary’s fees 

– Attractive conditions for a technical survey 

– Good offers for a technical inspection 

Purchase assistance by van Boxtel Beheer pays for itself and gives you peace of mind!  

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