The best price for your house 

Do you want to sell your house in Eindhoven? At the right price? And with no hassle? Then please feel free to contact us for an information meeting, free of charge or any obligation…  
Selling your house as quickly as possible and at the best price – that’s what it’s all about. It’s also why you should choose Van Boxtel Beheer for every step in the sales process. 

A real estate agent that suits you  
When choosing a real estate agent, you should always choose one that understands your needs. At Van Boxtel Beheer, we have had plenty of experience working with both expats and other international homeowners. Our agents are comfortable speaking English and open to all cultural and religious backgrounds.  

We believe in staying close to our clients. That’s why we value meeting potential clients before taking on an assignment. It’s how we get to know you – and your house. Afterwards, we’ll give you an estimate of your house’s value and marketability and, based on that, we’ll propose a brokerage fee and approach to the sale. If all that sounds good to you, we’ll sign an agreement for our services and start the preparatory phase. 

Let’s sell it…  

Before we put your house up for sale through different channels, including Funda, the largest Dutch real estate sales platform, we start by answering a number of important questions: 

– What is the right price for your home?  
– What information should you give potential buyers?  
– What is the best way to present your house, in order to sell it at the best price and as quickly as possible?  

What’s next 

In our 40-year existence, Van Boxtel Beheer has helped many clients sell and/or buy their houses in the City of Light, as Eindhoven is affectionately known in the Netherlands. We know all the ins and outs of the housing market here, and know how to successfully advertise a house.  

We offer: 

  • The perfect presentation of your home: 
  • Professionally created floor plans, photos and a video presentation 
  • A full-colour brochure with extensive information 
  • An internet presentation on Funda and other popular websites 
  • Active promotion among potential buyers: 
  • We notify house hunters 
  • We present your house on social media 
  • We advertise your house in our office window and with eye-catching “For Sale” signs 
  • Total service  
  • Support and assistance when signing the sales contract 
  • Assistance during the handover inspection  
  • Assistance and support when communicating with, and when visiting, the civil-law notary 

Go for transparent rates  

Selling a home comes with a whole list of expenses. But it’s nice to know that you can rely on your real estate agent to charge a transparent, fair rate, without any unexpected additional costs afterwards. We offer:  

  • Competitive rates for a professional presentation 
  • A fair brokerage fee, in keeping with your specific situation 
  • Clear rates including VAT, with no hidden costs.  

For more information or a valuation of your home, free of any commitment on your part, please call +31(0)40 – 24 28 509 or fill in the contact form. 

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